Hydro Power Solutions

Hydropower is the most economical form of renewable energy. About 50% of the primary and secondary technologies installed in hydropower plants all over the world are older than 30 years. The market for modernizations, rehabilitation and capacity increases of installed hydropower equipment is mainly concentrated in Europe and North America but fully ignored in Pakistan.

HSM is a growing company to focus her business in hydro power territory, especially for the micro & mini hydro power. The HSM Service & Rehab Division provides solution; products and services over the entire lifecycle of hydropower plants. A well-developed service network ensures a fast and competent response to customer needs. In close cooperation with its customers, HSM elaborates long-living, environmentally friendly and economically efficient solutions for hydraulic power generation. Maintaining the natural environment, mankind, and technology in perfect harmony is an important part of HSM’s corporate culture.

Our Services and modernization programs are designed to:

  • Increase plant availability and reliability
  • Boost power generation through optimal utilization of water resources
  • Increase revenue opportunities from peak power generation
  • Reduce risk of failures and unplanned outages
  • Optimize plant value and operating life

The main tasks of the Service & Rehab Division include:

a) Services

  • Plant assessment
  • Maintenance services
  • Spare parts services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency repairs
  • Field services
  • Training

b) Repair, upgrade and modernization programs/projects

  • Engineering, design, model testing, purchasing, manufacturing, assembly,
    project management, installation and commissioning
  • Turbines (all types)
  • Digital speed governors
  • Shut-off valves
  • Generators (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Automation, control, protection, excitation, and synchronization
  • Monitoring and diagnosis systems

What can we do?

  • Survey, Site Identification & Data Collection
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Selection of Turbine Generator Sets and other Electro-Mechanical Equipments
  • Design and Cost Estimation of Micro, Mini & Small Hydro Power Projects.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  • Operators & field engineers Training

HSM Corporation has the experience and resources to deliver comprehensive solutions to any hydro project. We have the expertise to offer complete survey and assessment of existing equipment and offer a choice of options including layout of cost and benefits and repair, refurbishment or replacement of existing equipment. HSM designs and supply micro, mini and small hydro power systems in Pakistan ranging from 5kW to 2000 MW.

For our customers with residential or small community projects, HSM provides a broad selection for micro hydro systems up to about 200kW, each delivering international standards and efficiency, quality and reliability at a reasonable cost. You can purchase a complete set of “Water to Watt” or individual components from us. We will be happy to work with you to determine the best hydro approach.

A typical hydro system from HSM includes the following components;

  • Water Turbines (Cross-flow T15, Pelton Turbine, Francis Turbine,
    Kaplan Turbine, depending on head & flow)
  • Drive System
  • Penstock Pipe
  • Bends
  • Reducers
  • Expansion Joints
  • Generator
  • Electronic Load Controller or Governor
  • Other Electrical items Like Transformers, cables, Poles etc…