Solar Street light system

A LED based solar street lighting system consists of a PV Module, control electronics, battery, and LED based luminaries, all suitably mounted on a pole. The battery is charged by electricity generated through the PV module during day time and the luminaries provide light from dusk to dawn.


a) LED Luminaries

HSM”s LED Luminaries delivers the best in class lumen efficacy. They deliver the maximum light output (lumens) at the lower wattage.


HSM’s LED street lighting systems are designed with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which provides about 25% more efficiency by utilizing maximum energy harvested by solar PV modules.

c) Solar PV module

Highly efficient poly crystalline solar modules are used which are tested for longer durability & manufactured with innovative technologies. These modules are designed to withstand highly corrosive atmospheres and heavy wind loads. Also the modules are certified for industry standards IEC61215,IEC61730( safety class 1 & 11), IEC61701 and CE.

Benefits of Solar LED Street Lights

  • Fully Renewable and Independent Energy source.
  • Zero Carbon foot prints.
  • Easy to Install. Instant installation and ready to use.
  • No external cabling, Trenching required i.e. eliminates the chance of accident
    due to electric shocks, No trenching & wiring.
  • Ideal solution for Rural and remote areas where power lines are not available.
  • Independent of Grid, the operational costs are minimum.
  • Green technology
  • No maintenance in initial years
  • Immediate Returns on Investment

Product Offerings

a) Standard systems (this is offered with Preset specification with various wattages to suit , Specs of Govt. , private and PSU’s)

b) Customized solutions can be offered with One to one meeting with end user.

c) Hybrid system which would operate on AC ( alternate current , i.e in presence of GRID supply and DC ( Direct current in ABSENCE of grid supply) it would work in Either Circumstances.